Administrative and Settings

How to add an admin

  • Under the “People” tab you are able to add individuals to your website as administrators, supporters, members, etc.
  • For a single-person upload, click + New Person, and fill out the form using the information you have.
  • For admin status, you must have a valid email address for the person. You will also select a password (for all admins, we encourage you to use the password of your club/city, ie singers or tampa – one word, lower case).
  • Once you have added a person as an admin, they will receive an email stating their privileges, but it is up to you to share the login information for administrating the site.


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How to change security and view settings

  • Under website, select the Site settings tab.
  • On the right hand side, there is a dropdown menu “Who can view this site?”
    • You may opt to let only members or those who have logged in (shared their information with your site) have full privileges to the site and its contents.
    • You may also select this setting on other pages of your site. For instance, under the calendar page, on the right hand side, there is a similar option, so that only members/anyone/those who have logged in can see the published events on your calendar.

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