2024-07-13 Columbia Forum: A New Beginning in Taiwan!

Dear Alumni,

Come Join Us at the Columbia Forum: A New Beginning in Taiwan!


Hosted by: Columbia Weatherhead East Asian Institute & Columbia Alumni Taiwan

Date: July 13, 2024

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: Shangri-La Hotel, 2nd Floor Ballroom


Why Attend?

The Columbia Forum brings together expertise from Columbia University and its alumni, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and intellectual leadership. Co-hosted by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute in its 75th year and Columbia Alumni Taiwan, this inaugural forum invites you to join a thought-provoking exploration of Taiwan’s potential in global progress and innovation.


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Event Overview:

The Columbia Forum is a pioneering event dedicated to addressing global challenges through the lens of Columbia University's unique strengths and innovative approaches. This year's theme, "A New Beginning in Taiwan," explores how Taiwan can contribute meaningfully on the international stage in three critical areas: Cultural Identity, Democracy, and the AI Revolution in Technology.


Distinguished Speakers:


Cultural Identity:

Discover Taiwans dynamic evolution of ethnic and cultural identity with Prof. Myron Cohen (孔邁隆), renowned for his insights into societal resilience and adaptability. Prof. Cohen will illuminate Taiwan's unique blend of historical roots and contemporary influences, showcasing its role as a cultural beacon in East Asia.



Gain insights into Taiwan's remarkable journey of democratization with Andrew Nathan (黎安友). Prof. Nathan will explore the achievements, challenges, and future prospects of Taiwans democracy amidst global political shifts and cross-strait dynamics, offering a comparative analysis to deepen understanding.


The AI Revolution:

Explore Taiwan's pivotal role in the global AI landscape with Dr. Winston Hsu (徐宏民). From its robust supply chain to cutting-edge talent, Dr. Hsu will discuss how Taiwan navigates the ethical and practical dimensions of AI innovation. Learn about sustainable practices and Taiwan's potential contributions to a global AI-powered future.


Panel Discussion:

Engage with distinguished Columbia alumni including Su Chi (蘇起), Steven Pan (潘思亮), and (Pending) Tao Yi-feng (陶儀芬), moderated by Catherine Chang (張雅琴). Hear their perspectives on the keynote themes and their vision for Taiwan's future on the world stage.


July 13, 2024 at 1:00pm - 4:30pm

Shangri-La Hotel, 2nd Floor Ballroom


$1,500.00 TWD

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