2018 Ivy League Holiday Ball


Dear Alumni,

You are cordially invited to attend 2018 Ivy League Holiday Ball. Party & dance all night with live music and wine.
Venue: 5F, Grand Ballroom, Taipei Marriott Hotel (台北萬豪酒店5樓)
Date: December 15th, 2018
Time: 6PM
Dress code: Black Tie/ Formal Attire (正式晚宴服)
Regular Admission:  NT$3,400/person
By table (校友包桌): NT$32,000/table 10 位 (min)
                                 NT$38,400/table 12 位 (max)
Please RSVP to CAA Taiwan (台北市哥倫比亞大學同學會)
Contact person: Antja Chen:
Tel:     02-2655-0711 ext 222
Fax:    02-2655-0717
Remittance Instruction & Receipt (匯款說明 & 收據開立)
Receiving Bank 受款銀行:遠東國際商業銀行 營業部 (805)
Account Name 戶名:台北市哥倫比亞大學同學會
Account No. 帳號:001-001-000-36558
1. After completing the remittance, please fax your remittance receipt to CAA Taiwan at 02-2655-0717 or email to: [email protected]
(完成匯款後, 請將您的匯款收據傳真至台北市哥倫比亞大學同學會: 02-2655-0717或email至校友會信箱: [email protected])
2. Payment must be received in full before 30th of November in order to secure your registration and is not refundable. 
December 15, 2018 at 6:00pm - 9pm

Taipei Marriott Hotel


Antja Chen

James Hsieh

Will you come?