Joshua Jih Pan (M.Arch '67) received the honor of Taiwan National Award for Arts 潘冀建築師榮獲國家文藝獎



Congratulations to GSSAP alum Joshua Jih Pan (M.Arch '67) on receiving the highest honor awarded to artists in Taiwan: the National Award for Arts. The ceremony was held at Taiwan Air Force Innovation Base on 25th, March, 2016.

The professionals of this year’s recipients include architecture, literature, music, dance and fine art. “Each of the winners magnificently contributes to Taiwan’s artistic community” said an NCAF official.

Per the NCAF jury citation: “Joshua Jih Pan‘s design pursues a balance between form and function with a refined aesthetics that reflects an abiding sensitivity towards technology, environment, public and society. His diverse portfolio of work maintains a continuous emphasis on sustainability, and incorporates social, historical and environmental concerns to create architecture that elevates the humanistic value.”






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